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Public Enemy no. 1 Your Neighborhood Pusher African American Anti Drug Poster circa 1970

Public Enemy no. 1 Your Neighborhood Pusher

This anti drug small poster was hung in war torn African American Neighborhoods in Baltimore Md. Printed in a local print shop on Druid Hill Ave., at one point a very drug torn section of Baltimore.
The image of a hippie white man in a Nazi Helmet showing that 1970's drug problem was viewed as a direct assault on the African American community by White Power Structure.

Size: 12 x 15 1/4 inches
Condition: near perfect, minor imperfections on the side when printed. This has never hung or used.
If you are interested in seeing other pieces this company has done, please visit The Fabulous Friends and One and also the Black Ice Poster, both located in the Bound and Printed Section.
Printed by The Maddox Printing Co. 2120 Druid Hill Ave.
Year: Circa 1970's

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