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Rare Circa 1850's Paris France G.A.F. Studios Tissue Paper Stereocard Hand Colored Stereoview

Rare French circa 1850's - 1870's French Tissue Paper Stereo Card. Hand colored
Size: 3 1/4 x 6 3/ 4 inches

PHOTO SUBJECT: Grand Salon ( Palais de la Presidence)

CARD TYPE: French Tissue/Hold to Light


PHOTOGRAPHER/STUDIO: G.A.F. and signed on the back in iron based ink A S. Subark (sp?)

DATE: Circa last quarter of 1800's

BACK: Blank

CONDITION: good with light wear/fading, right side image is split but is not through paper. Please see the back of the image.

Please feel free to email me with question of if you need more images.

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