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Advertising : Lithographs : 1900-1940s
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RARE Turkish Trophies Cigarettes Lithograph Ad Poster Original Frame

S. Anargyros Famous Cigarettes company of New York City catered to wealthy metropolitan smokers. Their exotic tobaccos blends from Smyrna, Xanthi, Samsoun and the other districts might include Yaka for richness, Serres for mildness, Mahalla for coolness, Zeknia for mellowness, and Bafra for aroma, but their Turkish meant quality, and Anargyros specialized in expensive all-Turkish tobacco brands.
S. Anargyros art for their tobacco adds and package design also depicted these exotic locations and the art of the time, Orientalist movement.

An amazing example and RARE lithograph poster for Turkish Trophies Cigarettes in the original Oak frame, glass and slat wood backing.
The more common image is the same woman standing up with her arm up and Istanbul in the background, this one is a young

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