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Medical & Oddities : 1800s

Snowden Tongue Depressor Circa Mid 1800's Hard Rubber Handle Civil War Era Indian Rubber Handle

Antique Tongue Depressor with hard rubber handle.
Circa Civil War era, 1860's-1880's
Made by Snowden Co.

"Henry C. Snowden was located at 15 N. 5th, Philadelphia, from 1858 to 1864. Henry Snowden was later joined by his various relatives to form Snowden & Brother. Both houses apparently produced medical instruments during the Civil War. (American Surgical Instruments: An Illustrated History, by Edmonson):

Snowden & Bro. (George P. [1832-?] and Henry C. [1838-?] Snowden become partners I July 1858; William Snowden [1840­?] becomes partner I January 1866; Henry C. retires in May,
1872 and sells interest to George) surgical instrument makers 1858-64: 15 N. 5th 1864-72: 23 S. 8th Philadelphia PA."

The company made many tools with high end handles and set, the hard rubber, also called Indian Rubber was a step above the base line model.

This Snowden stamped Indian Rubber, Hard Rubber Tongue Depressor
No damage to the handle, slightly worn but for the age a great piece.

Size: 5 1/2 inches long
Condition: Near fine condition. Please see the images for a visual description.

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