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Tiffany Studios Model 1669 Double Inkwell with Undertray Gold Dore Finish 

A Tiffany Studios Double Ink Well in Venetian Pattern with the a Gold Dore Finish.

Tiffany made a series of desk sets that were incredibly successful and over the years they added more series and styles to the line.
This Venetian series is a early series and is one that most collectors and enthusiast admire and want to collect.
The intricate detail of the inner tray with the Celtic style knotting and the edge is repetitive animal motif.

The Ink Well is considered a double ink well due to the size , which is approx., 4 ½” x 3 tall.
A hinged lid with glass insert and metal sleeve.
The inkwell is attached to the tray by a screw which has come out and seems to be stripped. The Ink well sits on the tray with two pins to hold the inkwell in place. Please see the images for details.

Stamped on the base “ Tiffany Studios New York 1669”

Size: 9 3/4" Square x 3 3/4" Height
Year: circa 1920
Condition: Very Fine with the screw being stripped but the screw is inside the glass inkwell. The glass insert has a edge chip and the inside of the insert has small chips. Please see images for details.

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