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Antique Accessories : Arts and Crafts : 1900-1940s
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Two Circa 1920's Arts and Crafts Era Stained Glass Windows

Some of the most beautiful colors and color combinations were associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement and era.
In these circa 1920's Stained Glass Windows the purples and greens with multicolor combination stained glass is a wonderful Arts and Crafts examples. These two pieces go together, even though one is larger than the other.

I will call the larger one A and the smaller one B
Size: A- 22 x 30 3 /4 frame size
B- 19 1/2 x 30 3/4 frame size

Condition: B has several areas of cracked glass, not missing glass just breaks.
A has a few small cracks. No missing glass
Both are structurally secure in hand made wood frame

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