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Punk : 1970-Contemporary

Uk Subs Beefeater and Pure Evil The Complex Washington DC circa 1984-85

Uk Subs, the band that never dies or will die since Charlie Harper, the driving force will always be the glue. Their early singles taught many people how to play and damn those early albums are still amazing!
DC's Beefeater…. Tomas, Dug Bird, Fred Smith.. amazing tragic, weird, you name it and it was thrown into the mix lead by Squip's angry and from all four corner vocals. 1985 would be the record release of their first album "Plays for Lovers".
Pure Evil?? I dont know too much about them.
No exact date for this show, I looked on the UK Subs site and no Dc dates come up. Anyone else seen this show??

Bands: UK Subs Beefeater and Pure Evil
Date: Friday 23rd Circa 1984-85
Location: The Complex 1239 9th Street Between N & M Washington DC

Size: 8 x 10
Condition: VG with minor wrinkles from being stored. Please see images for a visual description.

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