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Very Rare WWII Japanese Type 99 Aerial Camera 2nd Type 4.5 Lens Low Number

A very Rare Japanese Aerial Camera WWII with Low Serial Number, 1498

The Type 99 Aerial Camera, this system was a small, hand-held camera, very similar to the US Navy Type K-20, it was used entirely for oblique imagery.
There were two versions of the camera, the first was equipped with a f 3.5 lens. However, more of the second type, with a f 4.5 lens, were used. The Type 99 used a film winding system operated by turning and cocking the shutter together. Perforated film was used for better advancement.

Other Details:

Lens Focal Length - 15cm
Lens Aperture - f 3.5 of f 4.5
Image Format - 3 x 4 inches
Film Roll Size - 20 Exposures
Shutter Type - Focal Plane
Shutter Speeds - 1/25 to 1/500 sec

Condition: Minor chipping to the edge paint, winds fine and shutter works.
I have not tested this camera with film

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