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Vol 1 Number 1 Issue of Descenes DC Punk Zine 1979 Howard Wuefling Published 1st Issue

Descenes Volume 1 Number 1 issue of this early DC Punk Zine Rare 1st issue

Year: 1979
Published by: Howard Wuefling
Articles on Jad Fair and Half Japanese, Article on White Boys (Mr. Otto) An amazing family tree of the DC Punk Music Underground as of 1979! Live show listing and reviews Urban Verbs, Slickee Boys
Size: 11 1/2 x 15inches
Condition: Fine with some minimal wear and slight fade. Over all in very good condition for age and use. The zine has been folded and has fold mark across the center. Prince in inc,k top left side. Please see images for details.

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"Published by:
“Howard Wuefling, who played bass in the Slickee Boys, moved from Pennsylvania to DC in 1974 to start a career in music writing. At the that time, the only non-mainstream publications in the area were alternative newspapers like the Unicorn Times, which covered the underground music scene and some politics.”
During a visit to New York City in 1976, Wuefling picked up a copy of New York Rocker, a slick fanzine where musicians wrote about other musicians (The Ramones, Talking Heads, and Patti Smith were featured in the first issue). It inspired him to adapt the idea for the DC music scene. He named it DeScenes (“I have a love for bad puns,” he says). Record stores in DC and in the suburbs sold it for 25 cents.
“Starting around 1980, DeScenes evolved into DisCords, which included “scene reports” from other cities. Punk kids would send letters into DisCords describing the state of punk in their hometowns. Wuefling says it became a way for music geeks around the country to exchange ideas and take part in a larger community.”

An amazing 12 page newspaper print with interviews, scene report and reviews of the burgeoning DC Punk scene."

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