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Historical Memorabilia : Mid-century
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Weegee Archive Collection Original 1968 Poster with His Original Camera Items and Weegee Camera Boxes

Every once and awhile some pieces of history emerge, this collection has been in the works for about 14 years or so, ever since my client first mentioned to me, “I have original Weegee items from his house”.

So fast forward to now, the client has decided to allow pieces he acquired from Weegee’s house that he bought in 1990s. 

Weegee and then partner, Wilma Wilcox lived together in a house she bought in the 1950’s. Wilcox, an amateur photographer and social worker met Weegee after his marriage to Margaret Atwood, they were married in 1947.  

In 1957, "suffering from diabetes, Weegee took a small apartment at 451 West 47th Street in Hell’s Kitchen, a town house owned by Wilma Wilcox, an amateur photographer. When he died he left the place crowded with equipment “and stacks and stacks of thousands of photos and negatives strewn about,” 

My client bought the house after Wilcox’s death and many items remained in the house. In the house and what is being offered here for sale are:

mailbox with Arthur Fellig-Weegee and Wilcox on the name tag

  • original hand drawn poster for in store appearance for Weegee ( the poster has been mounted to linen) singed on the lower right by the artist and dated 1968
  • Two camera boxes with assorted textured glass and random camera filter and attachments. 
  • Assorted glass and objects, 16MM film editor, textured glass and assorted camera related items (In the 1950s and 1960s, Weegee experimented with panoramic photographs, photo distortions and photography through prisms. In this collection there are countless and a myriad of textured glass)
  • Plastic developing apron

The Poster is a true rarity in the collection. Weegee, by the time of his death in 1968 was a cult hero, both in art, photography and lure. 

The poster does not say where the in store appearance was but it is dated 1968. Lower right has the date, (19)68 and signed by “Merriam”. The poster is a kind of retrospective of the artist, photos from his book Naked City, films and experimental films. No date or location given on the poster. Sadly Weegee would die December 26th 1968. 

If you have any questions or if you need additional images, please feel free to contact me. 

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