Music Archive Work

Dec 23, 2020

Thank you for looking and taking a interest in what Sturgis Antiques does. 
Over the years the work in Music Archives has grown, not only on my site but in the world of collecting Music Archives have become a competitive business. I started doing music archives for Sturgis Antiques about 8 years ago with my involvement in brokering Globe Poster sale to MICA and also in selling a part of their extensive poster and photo collection. 
Music is not a new part of my life at all, I have been a record collector almost all my life. I have collected records and when I started my store I said to myself,.." I can buy records!". 
In the past several years I have been adding posters and handbills to my site, not only were they a part of history, but they are also a style of art that took over the art world. Look at the street art of Basquiat, his art has become as popular as some early 20th C. artist.
Now with my new site and the capabilities I now have, I am able to do records and can now add sound clips to these postings making the buyer aware of the quality of the items I am selling. Condition of the vinyl along with the condition of the record sleeve is paramount in the world of record collecting. 

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