Mickey Mantle Signed Baseball from New York Giants Player Kyle Rote

Feb 14, 2010

Sports collecting: football, baseball, basketball, or the countless other organized sports have been a passion for many people. Baseball has always been at the top of the list as far as sports collecting goes and for many people Mickey Mantle’s signature is a prize for many.

One of the hardest aspects about sports collecting is the authentication and provenance of the item. This can be handled a couple of ways. One is being there and having the item signed to you by that person. Not everyone is lucking enough to have this and depending on the time some people were not alive when that sports figure was alive.

Anther way to get sports signatures and memorabilia is directly from an estate of that sports figure. In some cases this is the most secure and easily authenticated way.

I have the luck to have been introduced to such a family. This estate of Kyle Rote that I have the fortune to represent has been an honor.

Kyle Rote was the famous New York Giants player from 1951-1961. In his years after football, he remained committed to the sport of Football and was a noted Sportscaster. He did many charities and sports gatherings through the years and one such event were the 1983 Bally’s Salutes the “Greatest Sports Legends” October 6-9, 1983.

As you can see from the photograph and the Baseball I have for sale, it was an event of major sports figures.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments on this piece.

Thank you.