Mid Century Designed House for Sale By Owner 2105 Erdman Ave 21218

Oct 25, 2011

I wanted to share with you all a wonderful piece of Archectural and Baltimore History.


The client with the Fornesetti magazine stand has decided to also sell his house. I wanted to allow him some space for pictures and way to self publish this wonderful and unique looking house.


The house is located right off of Lake Matabelo on 2105 Erdman Ave 21218 and has a very interesting history and is one of few truly modern houses in Baltimore.


Built in 1947/1948, the house was built by Benjamin Eisenberg in a style that reflects the avant-garde and Modern Design aesthetics of the time. Eisenberg was know in History as a Lawyer and Developer and in 1958 bought Fort Carol to develop the land for a lavish casino.


The interior of the house is a mixture of the curved walls, sharp angles and open space design while the outside is Brutalist poured concrete mixed with organic curves of the 1950’s architectural style.

One of the other interesting features of the house is the cooling system. When the house was built, careful thought was given to the natural environment. The proximity to the Lake Montebello, the ground temperature is at a lower temperature. The house is built on a series of tunnels and with aid of an exhaust fan in the attic; the cool air would circulate throughout the house. A feature that would fits into our modern “green” concept.

I have included in the photos, an architectural layout of the house and the original building permit with Benjamin Eisenberg name.


If you have any questions or would like to see the house, please contact the owner. He is interested in selling the house and would be happy to talk.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy looking at this amazing and unique Mid Century Designed House located in one of Baltimore’s scenic locations.


Contact information:



2105 Erdman Ave 21218