My Baltimore City Paper Article about My Globe Poster Work

Oct 25, 2011

Since the early summer, I have been involved in one of the most important companies to come out of Baltimore. In the field of music, especially in the field of R&B, Soul, Funk and early Hip Hop Globe Poster have supplied artists with their brightly colorful and unique designed posters. For almost 80 years Globe Poster functioned as " a job shop" producing music, Theatre, Carnival, Auto Racing and other posters and after 80+ years, the company has closed their doors.


I had the rare chance to help find a major buyer to purchase this rare archive of Letterpress and music archive. With the help of the City Paper recently, they have helped with raising the awareness of my work in finding a savoir to preserve this treasure trove of African American Music history and the Letterpress history.


Here is a link to the featured article with photos:



Please enjoy the article and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Christian Sturgis/ Sturgis Antiques