New Section Devoted to One Client At A Time

Jul 06, 2022

Hello and welcome to the News about the section devoted to a Client's collection. In the Section called Special Collections you will see a drop down with on going Special Collections.

In each Special Collections, being numbered 001, 002, etc., the section will be a group of items devoted to a different client. These are not more special than other items, they just need to be grouped together. Items live together and when you collect, the running theme or details that bind items together shows a common theme. Sometimes in collecting, the genre becomes the binding force or in art collecting, an aesthetic will group pieces together. Whatever it is that has drawn a person to seek out and acquire items is the important part and what I want to preserve, at least in website form. I hope there will be more than one item that draws your attention in a section or with what I have planned there will be some wonderful highlighted items that will will inspire you, as they have me to seek out more information. 

So take a few minutes to introduce yourself to "Special Collections."

Thank you for looking and thank you for the continued business.