Original Hans Hofmann Abstract Expressionist Drawings, Circa 1940s Charcoal on Paper

Jul 12, 2012

Hans Hofmann, the German-born abstract expressionist artist, was born in Europe and moved to the United States before the beginning of WWII. He wrote Search for the Real, the highly influential treatise on his push/pull theory and the spiritual value in art.

In the mid 1930s he opened a school in New York City and, later, another in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Many well-known artists studied with Hofmann, including Ray Eames, Helen Frankenthaler and Jane Frank, to name a few.

Sturgis Antiques is very proud to have six original Hans Hofmann charcoal sketches from his Life Drawing class in Provincetown, Mass., circa 1947. My client's father was a student of Hofmann for a couple of summers in Provincetown and has recently come forward with these amazing pieces. Each charcoal sketch represents a critique of the student's work, which was drawn at bottom of the page. Sadly, my client's father was not a very promising artist, attracting much critique from Hofmann, but he still preserved these artful criticisms and captured a wonderful moment of creativity.

Along with the drawings, the estate has transferred 8mm footage of Hofmann's Life Drawing classes featuring the students, as well as Hofmann.

Here is a picture from the 2009 exhibition catalog of Hans Hofmann and his student show:

I will be posting more images soon.

Thank you for your time.