Punk Photo Collection from Photographer, Documentarian & Film Maker Bill Daniel

Mar 30, 2022

Bill Daniel, photographer and film maker who was part of the early Texas Punk music scene of the late 1970's/ early 80's. His photos have been in countless magazines, flyers and albums but his art is more than that. His documentary photos captured a new and growing scene of music and culture but they are more than that, they are Art. 
His photos were able to this day, convey the energy and moment of each and every shot. 
Sturgis Antiques is very proud to have the chance to work along with the artist and my client who had these images in his collection. 
The collection consists of 19 images and the original film paper box.
Each Photograph is signed on the back in pencil by the artist and titled. 

Bill has agreed to go through his archives and document the year and negative number of each image and include a quick note on the show and the year.
Please take a look to the link below and enjoy a rare glimpse at the Art and History of Bill Daniel Photographs 

Bill Daniel Photo Collection Original Images Printed by the Artist in circa 1995 19 Images with Photo Box Photos are Signed and Titled 

Thank you very much 

Christian Sturgis/ Sturgis Antiques