Set of Elaborate Victorian Mourning Wreaths Made Out of Feathers and Wool

Apr 20, 2010

People have many different ways they mourn for the loss of close friends or family members and many times these are dictated through their religious associations or beliefs.
One example of funeral rites is the memoriam wreathes of the Victorian age. This sometimes-macabre practice of making a wreathe out of human hair is usually the first thing people think of when you say Victorian Mourning Art, but that is not always the case. Here is a wonderful example of the religious practice of Mourning Art. A common practice of placing a photo of the deceased surrounded by a floral wreath this time made out of Wool Yarn is just as creative with the intricate detailing of the flowers. The colorful arrangement of wool yarn flowers pay respect and highlight this woman’s life.
The other piece, from the same estate is remarkable in another way; the flowers are made of cut and dyed feathers arranged also in a wreath shape. Both pieces show the devotion and love for the deceased, this strong devotion led people to express and remember the deceased.
Please visit this new arrival and see into another world of remembrance and see how people of the passed showed their love and loss of someone close.